Another Alpha Protocol Bonus

Offering up what any good RPG should is variety and choice.  Recently GameStop announced the full details of the pre-order bonus, the assault weapons pack.

The assault weapons pack includes:

  • UC Regulator, high damage shotgun
  • Rittergroupen Grizzly, high accuracy rifle
  • Upgrade kits for both guns previously mentioned
  • 30 Phosphorous Rounds
  • 100 Subsonic Rounds
  • 20 Explosive Grenades
  • 10 Epinephrine Spikes

Also if you can reach the level of ultimate spy in the game two more guns become available with the assult weapons pack,

  • Hamilton Howitzer, huge volley shotgun
  • Samael Retribution, rapid-fire rifle

So now you’re left with with the choice; do you want to play the game balls-out-run-and-gun, or go with the covert-ops style?  So just to recap, if you want to attempt to kill everything, GameStop is the place to pre-order the game, and if you want to go quietly along pre-order it at Best Buy for the stealth weapons pack.  Details on the stealth weapons pack were previously reported here.

Sadly the only way to get both packs at this time is to buy two copies of the game, as the codes are going to be packaged inside of the game cases when the game releases on the first of June.  Which ways do you think you are going to be playing Alpha Protocol?

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