Castle Crashers PS3 Development Update

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about any progress on Castle Crashers for PS3; let me assure you though, it is still coming. According to the latest post on The Behemoth Development Blog, internal testing has been completed by the teams “Testopia office”. After a final test from a “3rd party vendor”, Castle Crashers will be submitted to Sony for approval. Of course, no release date has been mentioned yet, but with the final testing underway, it can’t be too much longer.

Along with this little update, it’s safe to say that trophies, for the most part, will be the same as those in the Xbox 360 version. However, to account for the new Volleyball game mode being added to multiplayer, some like the “Glork” achievement, unlocked from winning 20 All You Can Quaff Ranked Matches, will be replaced by “Social Networker”. Obtaining this trophy will require what seems to be a really long rally of back and forth volleys. Hardcore players willing to play and complete the game on Insane will be awarded a Gold Trophy appropriately titled “You are Insane.”

Lastly there are the new game modes and mention of new features. Volleyball is mentioned along with pictures and a short video of the new Volleyball game mode being tested. While playing volleyball during the one section of the campaign, my friend and I thought it’d be interesting to see this in multiplayer; you only play it once in the game unless you replay the level. Playing volleyball in Castle Crashers is a little awkward, but it works. Hopefully the collision detection is fixed because I became quite frustrated when I’d sometimes try to hit the ball (or more often, a boss) and my character would just go right through it. As for new features, well, you’ll have to check out the update next week, but apparently something new will be added to the Arena mode. I can’t really think of what could be added as they already have weapons, pets, magic, and doubles (co-op). Being an Xbox 360 owner, I can say Castle Crashers is awesome. It will be worth the wait for you PS3 owners. Actually, I might even buy it again on the PS3 just to support Behemoth and the awesome games they make.

via The Behemoth Development Blog

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