Share Your Reach Beta Stats

Ever since the Xbox 360 launched, we’ve been sharing our gamercards with our friends thanks to Now they’ve launched a card that lets you share your stats from the Halo Reach beta (and presumably the full game once it launches).

This ScoreCard is chock-full of information about your new Halo experience. Included are your rank and emblem, overall battle/game information, and even information on the weapon you use the most (including your kills and kill-spread). Taking heavily from the Reach UI, along with a little artistic license, you can see that the menu ‘depth’ effect, as well as stylized text is represented here.

Of course, you’ll probably have better stats than I do so you can actually brag. Don’t forget to sign up for the Platform Nation game night in the forums. Also, the beta runs through May 19th unless Bungie decides to extend it.

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