Top 5 Masks In Gaming

The following are my top 5 masks in gaming. Don’t see your favorite on the list? Be sure to add it in the comments.

5. Salem/Rios (Army of Two)

Not being the biggest Army of Two fan, I have no real care for Salem or Rios, but they do have awesome masks. I played Army of Two 40th day for HOURS just to unlock cooler masks. The masks sported by the duo of roidmonkeys are not only fashionable, but useful, providing the pair with facial protection (making me question how Salem go the big scar on his face).

4. Archer/Kestrel (SC:Conviction)

The coolest pair of ultra spies have gear from opposite ends of the mercenary world. Both, however, love to sport their full head balaclavas with various attached tech. I’m glad the red and green are present or else it would be hard to tell these two apart (until Kestrel speaks out with his dirty Russian accent).

3. Heritage Goalie Mask (NHL 2010)

Paying tribute to the founders of the wonderful sport, the fine folks at EA Sports included an entire set of vintage hockey gear. Including the mask that Guy Lafluer (ex NHLer) and Jason Vorhes (Serial Killer) made famous. Kickin’ it old school never felt so cool. I used to have one of these masks as a teen and I used to use it for street hockey (not slashing campers).

2. Ghost’s Balaclava (Modern Warfare 2)

Undoubtedly the most bad-ass character in Modern Warfare 2, Ghost is the highlight of the 141. Used less for camo and more for picking up the ladies, Ghost’s balaclava must restrict him (which is why he is more fair to fight). Personally my thought is that Ghost is indeed Chuck Norris and is afraid to show his face and therefore single-handling ending the war on terror.

1. Majora’s Mask (Legend of Zelda)

A powerful mask used to wreak havoc on the citizens of Termina, Link finds himself battling a Skull-Kid over the control of this Fantasy equivalent to our Weapons of Mass Destruction. Let’s just be happy we never ran into Osama-Bin-Ganon, in our adventure.

– Stay tuned for my Top 5 Most Intimidating Sounds In Gaming

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  • More helmet than mask, but master chief’s faceplate is recognizable around the world.

    You could add Splatterhouse to the hockey mask list… great game 🙂

  • I always wondered where Salem got that big ass scar. But if you have to have a scar, that’s the kind to have! Wicked!

  • Salem’s scar was from a horrible explosion that always reminds him of his cardinal rule of engagement he once broke and now will never let his guard down

  • WilhelmR

    Nice list! A top 5 is way too short for all the cool mask in gaming though 🙂

    I’m still surprised there’s absolutely no mortal kombat mention in this post :0

  • That is Ken Dryden not Guy LaFleur.