MLB 2K10 Perfect Game Winner

If you recall, we had previously talked about 2K Sports’ $1 million bounty on a perfect game in their (then) new MLB 2K10. In particular, we went over their permissibly stringent rules for the one month-long competition. Well, the month is now over, and a winner has been declared.

I guess this was a pretty slick marketing move. Even just based purely on the demos available, MLB 10: The Show was undoubtedly the better game (albeit only for PS3 owners). However, with the competition’s rules being released the same day as The Show, 2K managed to draw a significant amount of attention away from the Sony exclusive.

The smarter part was that the contest would go on until May 2nd no matter how soon players submitted their potentially winning entries (in some cases, people were entering videos of their flawless victory as soon as two days after the start of the competition). However, the unaware (or the blindingly hopeful) would continue to purchase the game and make their run at slaying 27 hitters for a solid month regardless. Step 3: profit!

Anywho, in a press release from 2K Sports earlier this morning, a young Alabama man named Wade McGilberry was proclaimed the official winner of the million-dollar contest. He says his wife was actually the one who made him do it, prodding him on to submit the eventually winning video on the first day of the competition. Considering hundreds if not thousands of people entered with presumably legitimate perfect game videos, I guess it’s suffice to say that video games are easier than real life (see: official MLB records of perfect games list only 18 pitchers to have accomplished this feat).

Well done, Wade, and may your incredibly cool name be engraved on some sort of MLB 2K10 statue.

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