Official Nintendo Magazine To Have A Big Reveal On June 16th

A big Nintendo reveal is supposed to come out of Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM) on June 16th 2010. ONM gives us this quote regarding the news, “Speaking of the future, you may want to mark Wednesday 16 June in your diary. We’ll be revealing world exclusive details on a top secret new game in the next issue of ONM. We had to make sure we cover this new game which is why ONM  issue 56 and 57 are both being released on a Wednesday rather than a Friday as usual.”

This unveiling will apparently happen alongside E3. My only question is whether this info will already be given to us during the event before ONM’s 57th issue or are they serious when they claim that they have a “World Exclusive”?

So, what do you guys think the big secret is? I personally have no real expectations on hand, although I have had some people say to me that they are really hoping for a Kid Icarus game to finally come to the Wii. We’ll see this June 16. This should be pretty exciting!

(Source Destructoid)

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  • PenguinZell

    Hoping for a StarFox game, but I doubt it. ;__;

    • I would love a Starfox 64 like game to come out again for the Wii. Would be killer.