The 10 Hottest Polygons Of This Generation

You play games for various reason. Maybe because of their artistic approach, or their innovative gameplay, or just because you get to kill innocent people in an airport. Whatever the reason, there’s always that girl that you know is just a combination of polygons, textures and animation, but you still love and fantasize with. Here’s a compilation of pretty girls from the current generation of gaming.

10. Serina (Halo Wars)

I sincerely don’t get how Cpt. Cutter manage to concentrate when working next to the sexy and delightfully sarcastic A.I. Serina. She’s got a suit so tight you could forget she’s just a hologram.

– Great body
– Incredibly tight suit
– She’s got a great sense of humor
– She’s a… hologram

9. Elika (Prince of Persia)

The beautiful princess of the Ahura is the kind of girl you introduce to your mom. She’s kind, thoughtful, witty and very intelligent, let alone incredibly sexy. I think I’m not alone when I say it was a pleasure talking to her, and hey, everybody needs a girl with such amazing healing powers.

– She’s perfect
– She’s already dead… plus she’s in love with the prince, who’s a total jerk.

8. Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)

I know, it’s kind of weird to have a slight fixation for Rosalina, but you have to admit she’s very pretty. She’s also pretty powerful and the only one who can take you to the stars.

– Pretty and charming
– She can take you to the stars
– Those damn Lumas are with her all the time.

7. Amy (Soul Calibur 4)

There are two hot pre-adolescent females in Soul Calibur 4, and it was a a very difficult task to choose between Amy and Talim. In the end, Amy got victorious for her sexy ruthlessly and her very sexy gothic lolita outfit… and she’s growing up fast.

– She’s young, ruthless and sexy. And she got no parents!
– She would probably backstab you.

6. Reimi Saionji (Star Ocean: The Last Hope)

Aboard the SRF-003 Calnus there’s a lot of feminine material to choose from, but Reimi Saionji is probably a no-brainer. She’s not only pretty and sweet, but a powerful genetically-enhanced ass-kicking super human. Oh and she’s extremely wealthy.

– Pretty and rich
– So delightfully japanese…
– She must be… “enhanced”… in every aspect
– She’s in love with Edge
– We’d have to kill Edge

5. Elena Fisher (Uncharted Series)

One the most complete girls in the gaming world. Elena is an intrepid reporter who sides with Nathan Drake in order to find the secret coffin of Nate’s grand grand grandfather, Francis. Not before long, she realizes hanging out with Nate is completely effed up, but still, she doesn’t abandon him. Talk about a perfect girlfriend, huh?

– Smart and pretty
– She travels a lot, and could take you with her
– She’s deeply in love with Drake, and I wouldn’t piss him off

4. Maiden in Black (Demon’s Souls)

“Thou seeketh soul power, dost thou not? Then touch the demon inside me”. That’s probably the hottest gaming quote ever, and it comes from this hogtie, every time she wants to remind us how crazy she is for us.
– She’s got a demon inside of her and wants you to touch it
– She’s blind, so don’t worry if you’re ugly
– She’s very docile
– She could easily leave you for an Old One.

3. Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect 2)

Good thing you have a lot more party members in Mass Effect 2, because I find it extremely difficult to concentrate with Miranda in front of you. “Ok Sheppard, concentrate, you gotta kill these damned Collectors… oh crap… Miranda move to the left… yeah baby, that way… omega….. *Mission Failed*”.

– Smokin’ hot!
– The suit… oh dear lord
– She’s pretty wealthy too
– It won’t let you concentrate on your mission. But who cares about the Collectors anyway?

2. Oerba Yun Fang (Final Fantasy XIII)

I remember being afraid the latest Final Fantasy didn’t have sexy female material, because I actually find Lightning to be a little too “Cloudy”, and Vanille a little too upbeat. Fortunately I was wrong, and a couple of hours into the game you get to know the sexy Fang. Seeing her, you believe she’s an actual fang, coming to bite you viciously.

– Sexy, messed up and powerful
– She’s a L’Cie, and an enemy of Cocoon
– What if she bites you… you know…

1. Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins)

The daughter of the infamous witch of the forest Flemeth; Morrigan is the kind of girl that is not good for you, but you love it. She treats you like a worhtless being, is completely egocentric and machiavellian, and she enjoys the pain of the others. Oh, and her outfit makes slaughtering darkspawn a much more difficult task.

– She treats you viciously
– She’s wild in every sense
– She doesn’t want to get in love
– She can turn into an animal… if you’re into that sort of thing
– Her outfit… oh her outfit…

– She treats you viciously
– If you get in love, she’ll stop sleeping with you
– If you get her pregnant, she’ll leave you

Didn’t your favorite polygonal damsel made the cut? Feel free to comment in the section below!

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  • Silverthorne

    Chloe would have been a much better choice from Uncharted. She’s got the accent.

  • I disagree. If anything Elena should be closer to the top spot. She is the best female character of this generation of polygons, accent or otherwise.

  • Germeh

    Oh yeah, Elana needs to move up that list. And Leliana from Dragon Age. She would get it on with you male or female Oo

  • Zanza

    sorry but i find leliana much more sexy than morrigan.

  • Miranda looks like she has saggy boobs. 🙂

  • zenaxe

    A lot of those JRPG anime chicks look like children, especially the one from Super Mario. Referring to them as “hot” is not NOT COOL PN.

    You retards picked the wrong chick from UC2.

    This list is total failure.

  • dudes.

    Madison Paige

    come on, now.