The Invasion Begins 05-07-10

Unless you have been living under a rock or are just not up on the latest big thing in gaming, you have no doubt hear of or played the Halo: Reach beta that was released a few days ago.  Bungie, similar to what they did for Halo 3, has released a time limited beta of their upcoming title for the Xbox 360.  Xbox gamers flocked to download the game, as soon as it hit the servers, and have been showing up in massive numbers.

Bungie plans to offer various game types and maps during this limited beta to give players a taste of what is to come in the full release later this year.  The first update to the beta comes tomorrow, 05/07/10, in the form of a new game type and map.  The playlist Invasion will show up with a new map, Boneyard.  Invasion will be an objective game type where your team seeks to control portions of the map to continue on to the next objective.


Invasion on Boneyard begins exactly as you would expect it to. A team of Elites has been deployed to a UNSC dry dock facility in hopes of getting their claws on a data core packed with invaluable tactical information, and a squad of Spartan-IIIs have been dropped in to stop ‘em.

Phase 1

To get past the Frigate’s electrofuturistical laser doors, the Elites will first need to target one of two generators positioned inside the Commonwealth. Twenty seconds is all it takes on either designated territory to power the security systems down, but you don’t have all day to get the job done. Fail to shut down the generators in the four minutes allotted for Phase 1, and the Spartans will win. Cue the Marty music and start the celebration.

In all phases of Invasion, if Elites are in control of the current objective the game will go into Sudden Death!

Elite Loadouts

Warrior (Plasma Repeater, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, Evade)
Assassin (Needler, No Secondary, 1 Plasma Grenade, Active Camo) – only available in Invasion, not Invasion Slayer

Spartan Loadouts
Scout (AR, Magnum, 2 Frags, Sprint)
Marksman (DMR, No Secondary, 1 Frag, Sprint) – only available in Invasion, not Invasion Slayer

Vehicles On Map

Phase 2

Once the Elites have pushed beyond the frigate, they’ll want to target one of three newly marked territories. Two are tucked inside the refinery and the third sits in plain sight right beside the Spartan’s vehicle bay. Again, twenty second in any of these territories will shut down the security measures, but this time, there are no laser doors that need bypassing. Four more minutes have been added to the clock to get this phase of the job done. Once the security drops, the data core itself will be ripe for the taking.

Elite Loadouts
Dark Assassin (Needler, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, Active Camo)
Zealot (Needle Rifle, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, Evade)

Spartan Loadouts
Guard (AR, Magnum, 2 Frags, Armor Lock)
Recon Marksman (DMR, Magnum, 2 Frags, Sprint)

Vehicles On Map

Phase 3

Elites, snatch the core and tote that sweet piece of tech outside and deliver it to the Phantom that just descended onto the scaffolding near the ridge. Of course, getting it there is gonna be a problem. While you have it in tow, you’re a high priority target for any Spartans in your vicinity and you’re also significantly slowed by the tremendous weight of all of those precious megabytes! You’ll want to have some escorts providing you with cover fire. How much time do you have to get it done? Yup, four minutes.

Elite Loadouts
Ranger (Plasma Repeater, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, Jetpack)
Royal Zealot (Needle Rifle, Plasma Repeater, 3 Plasma Grenades, Evade)
Gladiator (Energy Sword, Plasma Repeater, 2 Plasma grenades, Evade)
Champion Assassin (Needler, Plasma Repeater, 3 Plasma Grenades, Active Camo)

Spartan Loadouts
Airborne (AR, Magnum, 2 Frags, Jetpack)
Expert Marksman (DMR, AR, 3 Frags, Sprint)
Operator (Shotgun, Magnum, 3 Frags, Armor Lock)
Grenadier (Grenade Launcher, AR, 3 Frags, Sprint)

Vehicles On Map

In addition, another game type Invasion Slayer will be released as well.

Invasion Slayer is also Spartans vs. Elites, but instead of focusing on specific sections of the map and the objectives each contains, you’ll be focusing on making the other team eat lead. Loadouts will become more and more powerful as the game moves through its three phases, each of which are triggered by either time or kill count, whichever comes first. They breakdown like this:

Phase 1 (0-25 kills, or until the 4 minute marker)

Spartan Weapon Drops: Power Weapons (Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle)
Elite Weapon Drops: Power Weapons (Plasma Launcher, Focus Rifle), or a Ghost

Phase 2: (26-50 kills, or until the 8 minute marker)

Spartan Weapon Drops: Power Weapons, or a Warthog
Elite Weapon Drops: Power Weapons, or a Ghost, or a Banshee

Phase 3: (51-75 kills, or until the 12 minute marker)

Spartan Weapon Drops: Power Weapons, or a Warthog, or a Scorpion
Elite Weapon Drops: Power Weapons, or a Ghost, or a Banshee, or a Wraith

You’ll find randomly positioned territories throughout Boneyard. Capture them and you’ll initiate an airdrop that will be deployed 10 seconds later. Keep it secure long enough and you’ll be able to snag the spoils listed above, either weapons or vehicles. Of course, while you wait out the drop, you’re bound to attract some unwanted attention. Keep your eyes peeled. Once the bounty drops, anyone can grab it.

First to 100 kills wins.

If you have not checked out the beta yet, I highly recommend it as it is a lot of fun.  Many of the changes made to Halo 3 have been removed and the game feels a bit more like the superior Halo 2 in terms of movement and weapons.  Equipment has been replaced by various loadouts that give you the ability to use a jet-pack or to be invisible for a short time.  Head on over to the Bungie site to read more about the Invasion game type and other Reach beta details.

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