Work & Punishment

On the 26th of June, the majority of North America will be in the same position us Brits are in today – oblivious to the fact a 2nd Party Nintendo game is being released tomorrow. Even with being one of the small minority of current-gen Nintendo fans, I didn’t even know Sin & Punishment 2 was coming out. In fact, the only reason I did know was because I saw a screenshot of the UK and Ireland leaderboards, one that consisted of just 16 people. Granted, the game isn’t actually “officially” out yet, but Sin & Punishment 2 is just one of those games… you know the ones, games that have stupidly predictable sales; we all know Call of Duty : Black Ops will sell depressingly well, in the same sense, it’ll be surprising if Sin & Punishment 2 : Star Successor actually gets reasonable numbers. Perhaps another name change is in order, one that preferably doesn’t have “success” in the title…

Despite this, it’s nice to see such a niche game arrive outside of Japan, which is considerably more then the original did. Released way back in the year 2000, Sin & Punishment never actually came to our N64s, but luckily, we have emulation… I mean it’s on the Wii’s Virtual Console. Yeah, and I have played it too, not much as playing an N64 game on a current generation console is like using a iPad as a chopping board, but I can safely say its good; from what I’ve gathered from videos and reviews, the sequel will be no different either. Using the incredibly basic genre of an ‘on-the-rails third person shooter’, Sin & Punishment 2 will take you to stunning locations with the only aim being shooting foes in the face with a gun. However, there’s so more to this treasure than that, it requires a vast amount of skill to crack open the game’s obscure casing but once you’re in, you’ll never want to leave. It’s not just another Wii arcade shooter, it’s a twisted version of one, with so much more edge and precision.

Treasure, the team conducting this voyage of certain failure, are actually an extremely talented team. I won’t go into detail, but if you’re a fairly old gamer, you should know of their works, which if so, I probably just saw your name on a leaderboard. In a month’s time, when more than a hundred people own this game, competing for the top will be a challenge. Not just because there’s insomniacs in the world, but also because it’s a genuinely difficult game. It’s a thing to say a game is quite hard, although to say it looks tough just from gameplay videos, is something entirely different. Wii games are often criticized due to ‘focusing on n00bs’, but when one proper hardcore title is released, they’re too busy playing Halo to take any notice.

I can’t blame the lack of awareness of this game on just ignorance however, Nintendo have successfully done absolutely nothing to provide any information, hype or even mention Sin & Punishment 2. It’s like it was just shoved into someone’s sock as quickly as possible, regardless of the fact it took over a year to design. Currently, it deservingly sits on top of games like New Super Mario Bros Wii on Metacritic’s Index of Wii games, owning a proud Metascore of 88. You could call it justice. Maybe Nintendo realized nobody was going to buy it and didn’t bother with advertisements, Treasure have just entered a war here and hasn’t been supplied with any guns; additionally its army wears bright pink tops and continuously launches fireworks. Lots of fireworks… I’m now going to tell you I can’t help these poor soldiers out due to having such a small budget, although I’ve done my best to send some aid, and thank you for reading it.

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  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    The fact that you didn’t realize S&P2 was coming tomorrow speaks a lot of the lack of effort Nintendo puts on its hardcore titles…

    What a shame…