New Red Dead Redemption Video

Today, Rockstar has unveiled a new fangled video for the lovely rumpy Red Dead Redemption. This game is suiting up to be one to watch. In my personal opinion; after the Ballad of Gay Tony hit a home run with my heart, I hope they can hit the vibe again. Rockstar is on my list of the most brilliant and innovative developers of all time, they continuily expand what we have come to expect from open-world games. Red Dead looks to take free-roam multiplayer and shove every good bit and bat into a full-on Western world. I eagerly await its May 18th release (May 21st in the EU)

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  • TEASE! Less than 2 weeks away. HURRY UP TIME!

  • Alright already Rockstar, the teasing is getting to me I can’t wait for this game, so much for that backlog again.