Win The MW2 Stimulus Package From P*N…Again!


Listen up Platform Nation community, due to popularity of the last Stimulus Package DLC giveaway, I have managed to get hold of another code for the Xbox 360 version of the Stimulus Package. Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package DLC is priced at 1200MSP contains 3 new maps & 2 returning fan favourites from Call of Duty 4.

New Maps;

  • Bailout: A multi-level apartment complex
  • Storm: An open industrial park littered with heavy machinery
  • Salvage: A snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars.

Returning Maps;

  • Crash: A war-torn urban environment
  • Overgrown: Which features a massive dry creek bed

To win the DLC for the best-selling video game of all time, simply leave a comment below stating what map interests you most from the Stimulus Package. – one comment per person only.

The contest ends Saturday 15th of May. The winner will be emailed the code so make sure and include your real email address. If the winner doesn’t reply within 12hrs I will be forced to choose another winner. While your here why not jump over to the Platform Nation Facebook Fan page and become a fan to get in the good books and always stay connected to the great content we push out.

Untill next time were Oscar Mike!

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  • ibleeddukeblue

    Bailout sounds the awesome-est.

  • Syniz

    Salvage. I love snow maps.

  • keklar

    Bailout definitely sounds pretty cool

    • Dom


  • Definitely most interested in the Crash map. This is my all time favorite call of duty map and would love to play it in MW2!

  • the Bailout description reminds me of the Chinatown map from the 1st game, which I had fun with.

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  • MannyFresh

    Salvage. Playing in the snow is always fun!!

  • mataman906

    bailout sounds fun
    always wanted to find out what happens when you cross Home Alone with Rambo

  • tkdstructor

    Bailout interests me the most.

  • Overgrown. Camped hardcore in CoD4, gonna do it again.

  • EjPii

    Storm. Very good new map…

  • totoguy

    Salvage, I like snow levels 🙂

  • My favorite map is bailout because it provides the player with a variety of cool situations with some vertical and horizontal firefights and it even acurately
    portrays the inside of an apartment contest

  • i like salvage because close quarter fights are just so exciting

  • Salvage: Snow + lots of cover

  • SickPigeon

    Bailout sounds like a ton of fun. I like snow maps also but my vote still goes with bailout.

  • Jas

    Bailout sounds very fun, running around in an apartment

  • Rodney brown

    I would have to say storm becuase I’ve seen what it looms like it has great snipper points and a thier is a spot where is alot of fire fights also this maps doesn’t seem to have alot of camping bu has lost of vatage points and low to high leve of play

  • I live the overgrown map, I’m glad it’s returning because in hardcore I would love going afterall the camper snipers! It was awesome!

  • PlayingMantis


  • russell

    i loved crash from cod4, i hope to play on it agian in mw2

  • My favorite map on the Stimulus Map Pack is looks like it would be Salvage. I like this one because you’re allowed on that roof and it looks fun to play objective game modes on like Demolition or Capture the Flag. It looks like it’s a camper-friendly map with that doghouse their though…

    Bailout looks really good too, but I like Salvage more.

    Storm, Overgrown and Crash seem pretty boring too me. I’ve played Overgrown and Crash before and Storm looks no different than any other map.

  • Cody

    Bailout sounds good to me

  • Casey

    I want to play crash with the new guns. I also want to play bailout.

  • Simon

    Salvage looks awesome, I really want it.