Platform Nation E3 Predictions: Week One

Each week in the run up to E3, one of the lovely writers on this blissful site will take it in turns to post their predictions on what could occur on June 15/16/17. This can range from anything to Halo going to the PS3, Infamous 2 being a PC exclusive or even Nintendo having a good E3 show (zing!).

This week; I have just two predictions to show you. Both of them come from a certain studio franchise. Rockstar Games.

Agent will get a release date and teaser trailer.

Having long being dead with scarce details and little-to-no rumours; Agent is practically dead. Having been revealed at Sony’s E3 last year, thousands of fanboys of constantly jumped up and down at the prospect of a PS3 exclusive from the famed Rockstar Games. I, personally, was hooked from the minute they mentioned “Rockstar.” because in one form or another, they kick ass in all their games. GTA IV went all serious business, but managed to deliver one of the best written experiences of all times. Ballad took back the silly mantle and scored a home run with my heart. I predict we’ll be at least seeing a hint of Agent at Sony’s conference.

Likelihood: 7/10

Next GTA revealed

Given the teases that Rockstar have planted over the last few months (a teaser on the back of the Episodes from Liberty City manual) this is almost certain. From what I’ve gathered it could go anywhere, or in any direction. I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit Vice City or San Andreas, maybe reinvented a la Liberty City. One thing’s for certain; Rockstar. I doubt this will be a serious business mess, I’d rather a hybrid like Ballad. Who knows. I doubt we’ll get the ‘exclusive epic content packs’ that Peter Moore promised over five years ago. Those ‘epic content packs’ turned out to be the most exciting GTAs since the Vice City/San Andreas days.

Likelihood: 6/10

Next week: Mark Withers.

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