An Ode To Gaming Mothers

We know you’re out there

Don’t try to hide it

That love for games

Is hard for anyone to quit

Maybe you play Halo or Mario Kart

One thing’s for sure to wrote to Ebert

Explaining why games are in fact art

You long for the day

That your toddler will grow

And sit right beside you

With the motion controls

You’re a master at puzzles

And epic kill streaks

As a matter of fact

You’re proud to be called “geek.”

The thing to remember

When push comes to shove

Games will always pale in comparison

To the family that you love

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  • Very Nice Anne, Happy Mothers Day to you!

  • Cute! I’m not a father yet, but I hope to play video games with my kids. Now if I could just get my wife on board for games… 😉
    Happy mothers day!