Iron Man 2: The Review

Let’s cut right to the chase: Iron Man 2 was an awesome movie.  If you haven’t seen it, go see it.  Now.

Before I go into any details, let me say that while I won’t spoil the entire movie in this review, there are a few points that I’ll touch on that may spoil bits and pieces of the movie.  Consider yourself warned.

As much as I liked the movie, I still have to admit that it had a slow start.  In fact, it was such a slow start that I began to worry for the movie.  But, then it got all awesome all over the place, and all of the exposition started to bear fruit.  I really enjoyed the movie’s take on Whiplash (the guy with the electric whips)…though, I don’t remember him ever being called by that name in the movie.  Don Cheadle was excellent as Jim Rhodes.  Don’t get me wrong, Terrence Howard did a good job in the first movie, but Cheadle is simply a far better actor, and I’m a huge fan of his.

SHIELD plays a pretty big part in the movie as well.  I was happy to see that Sam Jackson is still Sam Jackson (that’s a good thing), but it occurred to me at the end of the movie that anyone who hadn’t seen the post-credit roll scene from the first movie would have no idea why Sam Jackson was even there.  I mentioned this to my wife, who said that everyone in the world had seen Nick Fury’s sole scene from Iron Man 1.  A compelling argument to be sure, and yet three quarters of the theater emptied out before the Mjolnir (Thor‘s hammer) scene after the credits in Iron Man 2.  In fact, the couple that we saw the movie with hadn’t seen the “hidden” scene from part 1.  So, yeah…they pretty much had no idea why Sam Jackson was there, and why he was talking about the Avengers all of a sudden.  Hopefully, this will give people not in the know a reason to see part 1 again, rather than a reason to say that part 2 had spotty storytelling.  Either way, it seems that a cool Easter egg from the first movie became a calculated risk in the second.

Black Widow (again, never called by that name) also made an impressive showing in the movie.  I usually have a huge problem when I see some skinny Hollywood chick kicking the hell out of 225 pound men, but for some reason I totally bought it in this movie.  I think that’s because she wasn’t using brute force to defeat the guys coming at her, but cunning and guile.  And mace.

One of the things a lot of movie-going comic geeks wanted to see was the Demon in a Bottle storyline play out on the big screen.  I may be the only geek who didn’t want to see that, so you can imagine my fears when drunk Tony Stark made an appearance in full armor.  But, drunk Tony was gone within ten minutes or so, and it worked in well with the plot.  He was drinking because he was depressed, and doomed to die a painful death…it was more understandable than him just drinking because alcohol is delicious (which it is, but still…).

In conclusion, Iron Man 2 is highly entertaining, worth the wait, and it continues to whet the appetite for more Marvel movie goodness.  I’ve already pre-ordered the blu-ray, and you should, too.

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  • Kal Avera

    Black Widow used cuNNing not cuMMing.

    • Tony Stark

      Or did she?

    • Bwhaha, brilliant. I’ve corrected that now.

      • D Demitrius Smith (DDSmitty)

        Definitely the best type I’ve ever made 🙂

  • Iron Man that is awesome i like iron man

  • Synyster

    I felt that this movie was visually stunning and had great acting. G. Paltrow expanded her acting to throw in a little bit of emotion but I still don’t think that she feels comfortable in the role. My only comment to this is ride it while it lasts take your money where and when you can get it. The difference between Don Cheedle and Terrence Howard is just the difference between acting styles. Cheedle has more acting experience and has a better handle on the subtler forms and shades of acting that maybe Howard doesn’t. Now I’m not going to pretend to understand or care about why Howard couldn’t or wouldn’t do the Iron Man 2 movie but my advise that I gave to Paltrow applies here; you just turned down a money train that you could have road for years to come and many other avenues to travel down just to throw it away and because you can’t agree on a contract. Glad all those other roles knocking down your door are equally “rewarding” as this gravy train will be.
    The editing for this film was poor at best. The first scene in the movie was the best example. It’s not even the original sequence and in the previews that they had for the film they showed it as being one of the best of the film. The scene that I’m talking about is where Tony Stark as Iron Man is waiting to make his big appearance for the expo and Pepper is there with him doing the normal things that an executive assistant would do. Stark then asks Pepper for a kiss, she moves in close while at the same time grabbing for Tony’s Iron Man helmet and plants a big sensual long kiss and then casually tosses it out the back hatch. That would have made such a better intro than what was shown. Then on top of that the continuity was continually disrupted by what seemed to be shortening of scenes and just over all bad editing.
    Now, some of the good aspects where some of the lead-ups to other events in the film and the whole scene with Colston and Stark where Colston makes constant reference to the “South West” and New Mexico as the “Land of Enchantment” followed by, after the closing credits, the scene where he is in New Mexico making his discovery. It was a little obvious but if we were to be looking at this from a comic point of view they were always showing coming attractions with hints throughout that books story line.
    Overall I’ll agree with Smith’s review that the movie was good but I do wish that they would learn already from past mistakes and stop rushing to get a finished product. Sometimes it’s not about the finish line but all about how you get there.

  • This movie was a lot of fun. They packed so much into this 2 hours. If you are of fan of enjoying movies with charming actors and lots of ‘splosions, this is the best $9 you’ll spend at the movies. Good review!

    Also, after the credits! It took me off guard that I couldn’t help but just say, “Oh, SH*t!” As loud as I could. I often swear when surprised. Ha

  • Just saw Iron Man 2 today, at times I thought it was to over the top and I really didn’t care for the drunk/retarded Tony Stark but overall I enjoyed the movie. Great special effects, good acting and some pretty sweet action, well worth my $6 (matinee showing!)

  • Is there going to be an iron man 3?