Blur In-Game Tutorials

If you were lucky enough to take part in the Blur beta a few weeks ago you’ll have been given a taste for what appears to be a genuine fun racer. Blur ships on May 25th for Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC.

Here at P*N, we’ve been following Blur closely in antipation for its release and in the past gave away 500 beta codes and brought you all the news you needed to know as and when it was available.  PlatformNation is proud to bring you two newly released video tutorials to get you pumped for the game. The first one gives you some detail on the career mode and the second tutorial gives you the basics on powering up.

After watching them you should jump over to read the impressions that staff had from the beta by following each of these links.

Blur beta impressions

Blur beta impressions 2

Career Tutorial

Power-up Tutorial

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