Buy A Game-Control It Too

So if you remember right around the holiday season PS3 gamers recieved a great holiday gift from Sony. You had the option to pick up either Uncharted or Ratchet & Clank bundled with a controller all for the low price of 59.99. Unfortunately it was only for the holiday season or so it seemed until just recently when new bundles showed up over on So gamers especially those of the PS3 type have a new reason to rejoice with these new bundles. If you are looking to pick up one of the greatest hits or just looking for a new controller why not pick up a sweet deal.

Each of the following bundles (valued at $89.99) will cost a mere $59.99. That’s a $30 savings over retail.

With one of the many great choices it looks like now would be the right time to tell your wife, husband or whoever for that matter your controller somehow happened to break. Maybe you could hide it for a few weeks or have a child hide it they are great at that. Either way be sure to hit up Amazon to pre-order now or just wait until they hit on May 12th.

As always you can help support your favorite site by ordering here:

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