EA’s The Sims Studio

Electronic Arts will be unveiling a new feature for The Sims 3, putting the power of pattern creation directly into the players’ hands. The Sims 3 Create a Pattern Tool allows players to create their custom patterns, utilizing dozens of images available in the Sticker Library, and share their creations online on The Sims 3 Exchange.

Key features include:

  • Pattern Masters – As the official pattern tool for The Sims 3The Sims 3 Create a Pattern Tool makes it easy for players to make their own patterns and safely add them to their game
  • Customize Sims’ Surroundings – Players can apply newly created patterns to their Sims’ furniture, clothing, floors, walls, and more
  • Powerful and Easy – This powerful yet easy-to-use tool is perfect for all types of users ranging from beginners to advanced designers
  • Preview to Check it Out – Players can view their patterns in 3D with the click of a button, then export directly to their game
  • Share! Fans around the world can share and download creations through The Sims 3 Exchange

If you’ve been hankering to add a plaid flourish to your couch or stripes to your PJs, this summer’s offering should help scratch that itch.

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