Final Fantasy IX Officially Coming to U.S. PSN!

So you just can’t get enough JRPGs? did FFXIII disappointed you? Are you tired of how soft JRPGs have become? Well, this is your lucky day, as it was confirmed fan favorite Final Fantasy IX is set for an American PSN release.

Last month, Square Enix announced the game was getting a Japanese PSN release. Originally released on the PSOne back in 2000; FFIX follows Zidane Tribal, a member of a group of bandits called Tantalus, and their pursuit of Kuja and the Genomes ir order to save Gaia. It was not a huge seller like its two predecessors (VII and VIII) but fans of the series keep fond memories of the back-to-basics design and comically exaggerated characters.

No official release date or price was announced, but it’s safe to say FFIX it’s going to cost US$9.99, just like both FFVII and FFVIII.

You can read the whole story right here.

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