LittleBigPlanet 2 Officially Announced For Winter 2010

With recent rumours having built up over the last few months, this morning, Media Molecule officially announced LittleBigPlanet 2. And what an announcement trailer it is.

The newly released trailer shows off the ability to not only create your own levels, but, that you’ll be able to connect those levels and, by that token, create a full game, in and of itself. The trailer also promises the ability to create and play levels outside of just the platforming genre, showing off some top-down racing, and shooter levels.

The trailers finishes off boasting that LBP2 will be completely backwards compatible, giving players the option to play all the 2 million+ levels that are playable from the original title. So, clear your winter schedules, as there will probably be eleventy-billion levels for you to play by March 2011.

Check the trailer for all the Sackboy and Passion Pit music you can handle.


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  • Ddsmitty

    Can not wait!