More Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fighters Join The Fray

More news has emerged on the highly anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 3 in a recent issue of Game Informer.  It appears there will be a couple  new integrations from Tatsunoku vs. Capcom to make the game more accessible for newcomers, but fear not MvC2 vets as snapbacks, hyper combo cancels, assist, and that good ol’ fashioned, adrenaline induced speed is still there.

Among the news, Game Informer has also revealed some more characters to appear on the roster, old and new.  Returning characters are Captain America and Felicia.   Meanwhile, the newcomers are, you guessed it, Dante and Deadpool.  With these 4 confirmations, 4 slots of the mysterious silhouettes we’d seen in the trailer a month ago are filled leaving 6 more slots left to go.  Chun-Li and Frank West next, anyone?

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