P*N Gaming Night Re-Cap!

So last Saturday the 8th, Platform Nation held a gaming night for the Halo: Reach beta. A few of the Staff here at P*N was playing and some of the community joined in on the fun aswell. We played for around 2hrs, then everyone got kinda tired and we concluded the awesome gaming night. I would just like to thank some of the community that turned up and showed us a great time and for teaching us a thing or two on Halo. So with my added duties here at P*N as Community Manager and Writer you can expect more regular gaming nights on a bi-weekly basis. That being said jump on over to our forums and vote on what game you want to play for our next gaming night. Vote Here!

You can check out the list of people who joined us on the night below and make sure and join us next time.

  • Boss Kamikaze
  • PirAnHa hotiii5
  • UltraAceSniper
  • codebytes
  • Exu
  • Fatal45
  • Krazy PN
  • WCC5723
  • Wargamer17
  • KoloneI KoRn
  • Metal Slugga
  • Forceman4077
  • shortyd77
  • TokyoChicken

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  • I was on at 8pm for any people wanting to game at night PST/EST only two that showed were Thrillhouse GDP and Mathew Lamora, Fernandez 313 played a couple matchs as well. Glad to see so many people showed up earlier though! Look forward to next time.