The Ballad Of Gay Tony Gets 25% Cheaper

Microsoft has announced it’s deal of the week for Xbox Live users. The Ballad Of Gay Tony, the second expansion to Grand Theft Auto IV, has dropped from 1600 Microsoft Points to 1200 Microsoft Points. In real world money, that’s going from $20 to $15. Gay Tony can also be found on the Episodes From Liberty City disc release, alongside the previous addition, The Lost And The Damned. Both stories expand on the world of Liberty City, and offer new main characters, instead of Niko.

For the longest, I held back on purchasing this expansion. I never honestly beat IV, nor did I play much of The Lost And The Damned. For the longest, I had the excuse of “not having enough storage space”. Now that I’m rocking a 250 gig hard drive, that’s not a ready excuse. Grand Theft Auto is one of those games where I don’t really care about advancing the plot, but can just have fun doing this with friends.

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