The Trophy Effect

Trophies are in full swing, and achievements have been the norm on the 360 for a while.  The point of trophies, as I see it, is for developers to dangle a carrot in front of gamers, and get them to play their game more and more. This seems to be an easy way to give a game that extra bit of replay value. The argument has been said that trophies and achievements are ruining games;  turning some online battlefields into places devoid of real team work and fun.

It's totally worth it.

While I completely love the idea of trophies (especially the sweet sound of the platinum “ding”),  I wonder if trophies are stop watches in gaming.  I am a few hours away from getting my 3rd platinum for Smackdown vs Raw 2010 and I can’t help but feel once the “ding” dongs. and that sweet plat is mine, I will discard the game and begin mining other games for trophies.  On the opposite end is a game like NHL 09 that has no trophies, but I can play it for fun and will probably have it longer than my beloved Smackdown (which will be trade in fodder for Mod Nation Racers com the end of May).

So my inquiry: are trophies and achievements inadvertently telling gamers when to stop playing? I have one (impossible) trophy left in Bad Company 2, and I kind of don’t want to get it, because I’m afraid my game brain will tell me that there is no more enjoyment to be had from sniping a Russian from 1000+ yards. Lord,  I hope not.

Have you ever stopped playing a game because you didn’t have anything else to gain from it via trophies/achievements? Comment below.

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  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    Of course. I stopped playing Uncharted 2 because of its lack of online trophies… (although I know it now has via DLC)

    I see trophies and achievements as a proper evolution in gaming, but they need to be designed in a clever way in order to avoid online games full of trophy farmers or losing the “just for fun” factor…

  • Mrs. Lucha

    Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, as you well know I played the crap out of this game. I am a super “power leveler” as you say. 🙂 But now that it has trophies I wont touch it. I just cant get over the fact I’ve put so much time in it to have zero trophies, so in that way the trophies ruined it for me. Also sir, Battlefield is in my hands now so discarded it wont be!