Call Of Duty: Black Ops; Co-op & Crossbows!

Some more details have been revealed for the next Call of Duty game. USA Today got an early first look at the game and got to talk to Mark Lamia the head of the Treyarch studio and USA Today had this to say;

“Beyond the single-player story, the game will have a cooperative mode for two to four players and an online multiplayer mode. As for the story, players will see it story unfold from the point of view of at least two main characters in multiple covert international conflicts.”

Along with the reveal of 2-4 players co-op, USA Today gave us some more details on the setting and time period;

“By moving into the U.S.- Soviet era of mutually assured destruction, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be the first Call of Duty game developed by Treyarch to go beyond World War II.”

Along with all that USA Today also revealed that guns won’t be the only thing you will be bearing during the Cold War, you will also have a military grade crossbow;

“The modified military crossbow seen in the preview level, Lamia says, “is a great example of how elite black ops teams were permitted to equip themselves for whatever job they had at hand, which means that they could get a hold of anything and modify it any way they wanted to accomplish their missions objectives.”

So 2-4 co-op, a Cold War setting & a military grade crossbow. Sounds pretty good to me, what about you?


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