Next-Gen+Retro=Nerd Heaven

Your retro system sits proudly among the big dogs of today displayed for all to see as the enter your gaming kingdom. Those that dare to touch it get the lecture of how it is classic, how you saved every penny just to feel like you did something right. Unfortunately like all great things that age your precious system is losing that once shiny new paint. One controller is all but dead from the long sessions of button mashing. Aside from eBay you may get lucky at the occasional rummage sale or flea market to find a deal on a new controller. Where do you go when you need a controller or lets say a power cord or for that matter one of those (what you thought at the time) cool peripherals? Most times you feel like you are out of luck or that the system is doomed to be a closet ornament collecting some serious dust bunnies.

One day surfing the web I came across a great website that had all the answer for any retro gaming nerds needs. Miss your Nintendo days or your Sega days? What about the chance to play your favorite system again? Maybe your controllers are going bad. You just miss collecting all the coins on the original Sonic or the stars in Mario. Whatever your reason for wanting something retro the site takes care of you. Wait you don’t play retro, only the next gen games (HD is the only way to go right)? Check out this site they even have a selection that will be sure to wet your taste buds. Yes my friend you have died just to come to the gates of a nerd gaming heaven, but dont touch the forbidden Wii remote (Hey I have one don’t hate).


What is this golden site? Gaming goodness both retro and next-gen all at one stop the fee to join or prices to buy must be outrageous. You can’t be serious right I can actual get on the site for free and afford some sweet deals. Wait they have my favortie system for sale plus I don’t have to beg or rummage for games through someones forgotten attic leftovers. No more bickering old coots that talked about the hey-day when games were just a stick and a button. Quick sign me up get me to where I need to go eat, sleep video game is my motto now to live it with ease. Plus shipping throughout the world and trade ins towards new things how can you go wrong. Without any further ranting be sure to check out the site.

Well you have waited long enough the website I refer to is

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