Platform Nation E3 Predictions: Week Two

Each week in the run up to E3, one of the lovely writers on this blissful site will take it in turns to post their predictions on what could occur on June 15/16/17.

It’s my turn this week and my creative mind is in overdrive as to what the big 3 players may spring on us this time around.  Just like I am every year, I am simply bursting with excitement on what the announcements will be but as we saw in the buildup to E3 last year, it’s become almost impossible to keep anything secret before the event that is E3. Just ask Sony re:PSP Go.

I’m going to keep this list short(ish) as the team here at Platform Nation are interested in hearing what our community predict will happen at E3, so make sure your leave comments once you’ve finished readying. Here are my top three slightly far-fetched predictions.

1. Major release available exclusively by digital distribution.

This one is maybe a bit too extreme or maybe a year early but I get the impression that Microsoft’s Games On Demand service has not been the roaring success they would have liked, nor has it been a flop.  Many critics will point to the rather high price attached to the games that are available. I won’t even try to defend their pricing structure, instead I’m going to predict that between all the Natal excitement, Microsoft will announce a major title that you will not be able to buy off the shelves to boost the profile of Games On Demand. It would be a massive risk but the game I think could be a candidate for this risk would be Fable3.  When dreaming up this idea, I could just picture Peter Molyneux standing on stage talking up how Fable3 will be the pioneer in digital only distribution. At the very least if this prediction comes true I would expect it to be a timed exclusive and after 6 months or so you’ll be able to buy the game from the shelves anyway

Likelihood: Digital Distribution exclusive 7/10, Fable3 as the game 5/10.

2. Sony to win back exclusives.

The last couple of E3’s have seen Microsoft smirking at how they have managed to claw away some exclusive from Sony e.g. Final Fantasy 13, but this time around I expect the shoe to be on the other foot and Sony to announce a few killings in this area.  Possibly Gears Of War coming to PlayStation3 or even Mass Effect.  Either way this needs to be Sony’s show and its about time they started to deliver on the power behind the PS3.

Likelihood: 8/10  (Just not confident on what the games will be)

3. The Duke returns.

Finally to end my top three crazy predictions, I’m going to stick with the same one I made last year…Duke Nukem Forever will be announced for release on one of the major consoles.  It would be a great way to end their show by having the voice of Duke come over the speakers. Fanboys will just go nuts.

Likelihood: 0/10. More chance of myself being chosen to be part of the Mission to Mars.

To round up this weeks predictions I’ll end with three more realistic yet cynical predictions.

Sony: Announcement of a paid PSN service dressed up to make everyone believe they are getting value for money vs the currently free PSN.

Nintendo: Announcement of HD version of Wii, let’s call it the WiiHd and cue announcement of old faithfuls, Mario, Zelda and WiiSports titles all in glorious high definition.

Microsoft: Further demonstrations of Natal and attempts to convince gaming community that they aren’t simply trying to muscle into Nintendo’s back yard for casual gaming, with a Microsoft Natal version of WiiFit coupled with a slim version of the Xbox360.  Prepare yourself for the inevitable lame joke about how the console has slimmed down and so will the gamer with all the exercise – SIGH!

How far off the mark will I be?  Come On, Platform Nation wants your ideas. Leave comments below so that you can always look back after E3 and say I told you so.

Next Week: Brett (The_Potato)

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  • I can see the digital distribution happening, but I don’t think it is the right time for it now. Personally I would like to see Microsoft make a portable gaming console with Xbox Live support and achievements support?

  • True, most of your predictions are pretty far-fetched, but otherwise, good list. I probably shouldn’t have looked at this before doing my own though, because now some of your ideas might pop up in my article.

  • Nickba

    I see Microsoft showing off the mobile xbox live service in win mo 7. I also see a psp prototype to counteract the 3dsi. Another one I’m sure will make an appearance is OnLive.

  • Don’t take this the wrong way, but I really hope you go to Mars.

    • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

      i going to take this to mean that you want a release for Duke And not that you want mt to disappear off the planet. 🙂

  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    The digital-only distribution thing is not going to happen just yet. It’s too risky for MS. However, disk are indeed going to disappear. I give them 5 years.

    oh, and Duke Nukem Forever is coming this year to Wii. That’s fairly obvious.

  • Nickba

    I’ve lost hope in Duke Nukem. Why focus on this one game (which will probably suck if it comes out) when there are tons of games we know are coming out and look awesome. Oh, almost forgot to mention, Ill bet anything that the PSP GO will be dropped in order to open the door for the next psp. I’ll also put money down that ubisoft will showcase some upcoming movies based on popular series(I hope splinter cell)

  • DB

    Your sony prediction is a little much saying that they might get a gears with microsoft take all of sony’s exclusives do you really think they let a big one go

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  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    i really think Sony will announce a really big Microsoft exclusive that is making the jump to Sony.

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  • just thought I would leave a cocky comment about Duke Nukem. I wonder how close it was to being an E3 annoucement after all.