Steam To Roll Out On Mac Tomorrow

With what seemed to be a long wait for Mac owners, the wait is finally over. Starting tomorrow, May 12th, gamers will finally be able to download the Steam client for Mac. The first two games to be natively available are Valve’s own Portal, and Runic Games’ Torchlight. Each Wednesday, additional Mac titles will be available for download on the Steam platform. Keep in mind, with the new “Steam Play” feature “gamers who have previously purchased games on Steam will find them available in their account on the Mac as they are released.” It seems Runic Games is quite excited to bring Torchlight to the Mac. I know I, as a gamer and Mac owner, am quite excited about this news as well.

“We’re very excited to be bringing Torchlight to the Mac,” said Max Schaefer, co-founder of Runic Games. “Having Steam for the Mac solves so many problems for us as a developer. We look forward to our future games coming out on the Mac as well.”

In addition to bringing the online functionality of Steam to the Mac, Valve will also make its Steamworks suite of publishing and development tools available on the Mac platform. These include product key authentication, copy protection, auto-updating, social networking, matchmaking, anti-cheat technology, and more. The features and services available in Steamworks are offered free of charge and may be used for both electronic and tangible versions of games.

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  • Jeff Schenning

    Oh man. As a fellow Mac owner, I’m pretty stoked about this turn of events. I’ve been wanting to play Torchlight for a good while now.

    My only hope is that they start retro-porting some of their backlog of games after this (I assume that’s what the Wednesday updates refer to?) – Audiosurf and Psychonauts on the Mac would make me oh so happy.

    • Yes I believe they intend to bring the entire Steam library over to the Mac. I know there is a Counter Strike Source beta for Mac but in terms of what’s to come, I don’t know yet.

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