ArcaniA Ultimate Gaming Gig Contest‏

Have you been looking for that big break into journalism or maybe you just wanted to try you hand in gaming journalism?  Well here is a contest for you to enter that may even land you at E3 as an Official Arcania Gaming Correspondent. It is real easy to apply and the perks are awesome they will even hook you up with a Dell Notebook and Flip Video Camera.  Heres what you have to do:

Toronto, ON: DreamCatcher Games is officially on the hunt for a North American ArcaniA Gaming Correspondent – the ultimate summer gig for any gamer.

The winner:  armed with your very own Flip Video Camera and Dell Notebook, you’ll be capturing interviews with game developers, gaming media, industry insiders, in addition to behind-the-scenes footage at premiere events such as E3 Expo and GamesCom!

The ideal candidate will be fun, outgoing and won’t be afraid of a little travelling, but more importantly have a passion for video games.” says Roman Wenzl, CEO of DreamCatcher Games. “The winner of the contest will be responsible for an ArcaniA blog where they will report on E3, GamesCom, any interesting interviews and everything to do with ArcaniA. This is a perfect way for someone to break into the gaming industry.”

To qualify, submit a video up to one minute in length via The Ultimate Gaming Gig Group Page on describing why you would be the ultimate ArcaniA gaming correspondent.  Videos will be spotlighted on the ArcaniA website, and the top three finalists (voted on by a panel of judges) will be flown to Los Angeles, where the winner will be announced live at E3 Expo on June 17th, 2010!

The winner will receive:

·         Free Roundtrip Airfare and Accommodations to GamesCom 2010 in Cologne, Germany

·         Exclusive Interviews with ArcaniA Voiceover Talent and Producers

·         Creative Control over the ArcaniA Blog

·         An ArcaniA branded Flip Video Cam

·         An ArcaniA branded Dell Notebook

That’s all it takes is a one minute video and you could become the next Arcania Gaming Correspondent.

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