Leaked Cataclysm Content Shut Down By Blizzard

Website MMO-Champion managed to get their hands on the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm alpha client and posted video tours of WoW’s two major cities, Orgrimmar and Stormwind, alongside a bunch of screenshots of the game and new info on crafting skills. Blizzard, obviously not too happy about the situation, has forced MMO-Champion to take down the content they posted as well as making them hide all the forum posts on their website concerning the leak. These posts are now archived “somewhere” according to MMO-Champion and will be put back up once the NDA has been lifted.

This leak brings up a big question, how the hell does an alpha client for a game as big World of Warcraft: Cataclysm make its way onto the net and into someone’s hands like this? Also, why was Blizzard so slow on responding? It was roughly around 4 days before MMO-Champion was stopped. Content leaks like this never disappear once they hit the net, so shutting down MMO-Champion’s posts wont really help the situation as much as it would if they had put an end to this earlier. But I do understand the desire to make sure your project isn’t shown to the public before it’s ready. I support Blizzard fully in that respect.

(Source Kotaku)

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  • PenguinZell

    Yeah, how does something like that just get out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found, at the very least, those screenshots all around the web over the next few days. People have gotten pretty savvy as to what to save when they get a rare chance to see it.

  • Dr Fell

    Well the problem is blizzard really couldn’t have any real control over the alpha. Since it was “friends and family” anyone they gave a copy to could have easily uploaded it online. Another bad thing is the official down-loader is not password protected. They should have required a key or something in order to download the alpha client itself. Knowing its the internet they have to know people are going to leak it and post infomation anyways to be honest this day an age i really dont know why they hae NDA for such a big online game. Why hide it?

    Oh well I have a copy myself why not? couldn’t wait!