Nintendo’s Highway Robbery

Why does it seem that with all of the overall support people give to Nintendo, they don’t give much of it back?  Case in point, I just bought one of the new black Wii bundles, and while it comes with Wii Sports Resort thrown in for the same price is nice, the fact that Nintendo will only allow you to transfer saves of games that don’t have any online capabilities is kind a of back handed slap.  So it looks like I’ll be starting over on Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart and Monster Hunter Tri.  I guess that’s not so bad, right?  The real punch in the face is, anything you’ve downloaded is specifically tied to your previous Wii system, and cannot be re-downloaded to your new system.  Basically Nintendo is saying, “thank you for continuing to support us, and have fun buying those Virtual Console and Wii Ware titles again because we won’t help you.”

My question is, why?  Why am I out the money for a second time for buying a second system?  At this day in age, why can’t I recover an account to re-download what I’ve already purchased?  I mean on the Xbox 360 I can recover my gamer tag, and waste a good chunk of a day re-downloading everything I previously had, and on the PS3 it was so easy to recover DLC that people were abusing the process. (Which with the last update Sony has rightfully put a stop to the abuse.)  If it is something to do with the rights being purchased to a system, why don’t they make something similar to Microsoft where you can switch the digital rights once a year?  Or if you have recovered and re-downloaded a game on a new system, make it playable only while you’re online in the same way the 360 does until you transfer the rights to the game.  Now I know some people will say, “That’s the way it is and just deal with it”, but the point is it shouldn’t be like this.  Nintendo’s two biggest competitors are not like that, and I’m not asking for anything free, I’m just asking for what I’ve already purchased.  I doubt I’m that alone on my feelings here, so please tell me what you all think.

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  • Jankee

    You didn’t mention Rockband DLC. All of the songs are tied to the original console.

    • Logan

      You would cry about 5-6 dollars haha. Also if they do the exact same thing as “Microsoft” does than that would be copying they just need to configure alot more things which will happen eventually honestly there’s probably about 100,000 people who say the same thing or think about that a day and for nintendo to be unaware about that wont happen. You obviously look at the bad points and decide to complain about them on the internet as if many others havent already. Sorry to be blantantly mean but you have to be patient with companies like nintendo they will always have something that they need to improve thats probably what some peoples job are, speakign of which you should consider trying to write out a program or develope something that can access everyone’s wii accounts, get all their games and everything else you might want and try to make something of it instead of complaining.

  • Jonathan Irvine

    I’m sorry I forgot about that, but you’re right, it’s just another slap in the face because it’s not like that for the other consoles.

  • I agree entirely. I actually have avoided buying any of the online wiiware games/virtual console because of this reason. I bought my Wii only 2 years ago and heard about this, and have really weened away from it because system failure is very common this console generation and transfering is supposed to be a pain with Nintendo…Sending consoles to the company etc. If you even get the chance to. And why buy games when you can’t keep um. No thanks..maybe next Gen. I love Nintendo…but some of the things they did were short sighted and decreased customer loyalty.