Character Vs Character: Simon Belmont Vs Sonic The Hedgehog – NEW Weekly Segment!

Welcome to Character vs Character – a new weekly segment here on Platform Nation. Each week two characters will be chosen and enter an unlikely battle to the death to see who is the strongest, but ultimately victorious. For the first week, an odd choice was made, yet, an interesting one at best.

Simon Belmont – The year is 1691 and the evil Count Dracula has returned once again to terrorize the people of Transylvania. Just as his ancestors did before him, Simon, great-grandson of Christopher Belmont, must travel to Castlevania to once again defeat Dracula. Although he defeats Dracula, Transylvania remains cursed into 1698. To remove this curse, Simon must find the five body parts of Dracula spread across the land, resurrect him, and defeat him one last time. Simon is victorious in this quest and saves Transylvania from the evil Count Dracula. What’s next for this hero of Transylvania?

Sonic the Hedgehog – A blue 15 year old anthropomorphic hedgehog with the ability to run faster than the speed of sound and the ability to curl into a ball for faster speed and to attack enemies. Sonic is a pretty chill 15 year old unless he has to prevent Doctor Robotnik’s evil plans to rule South Island.

Simon Belmont

For a vampire slayer, Simon is equipped with a huge inventory of weaponry and items to use in almost any battle.

Vampire Killer – Standard family-created leather whip.
Chain Whip – a short enhanced steel version of the leather whip.
Morning Star – A longer whip compared to the previous two; made from chains to provide strength.

Additional Weapons
Dagger, Boomerang and Axe – Slow, and weak weapons compared to the whip, but provide an additional hit on the enemy to reduce speed and attack.

Magical Items
Invisibility Potion – Allows Simon to appear invisible.
Rosary – Very destructive; used as a last push to destroy anyone nearby.
Crystal – Like the rosary, it is very destructive; used as well to destroy anyone nearby.
Holy Water – Stuns the enemy and slowly deals damage.
Stopwatch – Allows the user to stop time around him.


As an anthropomorphic hedgehog, Sonic is equipped with no weapons, but his speed is most deadly; he can run faster than the speed of sound.

Spin Attack – Most common attack which requires a great amount of speed and then curling into a ball roll around a level quickly.
Spin Dash – Quickly spins on the spot to build up speed and dashes forward in a spinning motion.
Homing Attack – A dash towards an enemy in mid air.

And now for the moment of truth – Who is the strongest character and who will remain victorious in a gruelling battle to the death? Let the battle begin!

Just as Simon finishes a routine fight with a skeleton, the main door to Castlevania quickly opens. A strong, uncontrollable amount of wind and dust blinds Simon. With a few quick cracks of his whip to stir up the dust, Simon uses the stopwatch to stop time. Fighting the unknown is common to Simon, so with the time stopped, he fearlessly explores past the dust. To his surprise, a small blue hedgehog in mid run stands before him – Sonic. Seeing that the time is about to return to normal, Simon uses the holy water to stun the hedgehog and ultimately stop him from running. Slowly, Sonic decreases speed due to the holy water. Now, Simon and Sonic stand before each other with a look of confusion and thought planning their next move. Sonic makes the first move as he dashes towards Simon in a spinning motion. Before Simon can reach for a weapon, Sonic hits him with a strong blow, knocking him back and through the wall of the castle. With no time to get up, Sonic attacks once again with a spin attack. This time it sends Simon into the water leaving Sonic standing on the water’s edge. Simon slowly sinks, but he is not done yet. With some time to recover and swim to the surface, Simon jumps out of the water instantly throwing a dagger at Sonic. But Sonic is too quick and the dagger only touches the side of Sonic’s face leaving a small cut. With Simon fully out of the water, Sonic runs around Simon creating a tornado around him. To counter this attack, Simon draws his whip and starts attacking in the opposite direction, thus slowing sonic. However, before Simon can get in a proper attack, Sonic jumps on top of Simon and kicks him in the face with his homing attack. He then goes for a final kick to Simon, but Simon uses the whip to latch onto Sonic and trips him. With Sonic now lying on the ground, Simon reaches for his Axe to deal a finishing blow, although what Simon doesn’t realize is the ring Sonic is now wearing. With this ring, Sonic goes Super Sonic and unleashes a devastating attack on Simon leaving him cut, and dripping of blood. In one last effort and hope of surviving, Simon falls to his knees, pulls out his Rosary and creates a massive barrier leaving Sonic helpless. For the final blow, Simon uses his boomerang and ends the battle, defeating Sonic!

Simon is victorious!

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  • Nice fight. Simon does have a few more weapons at his disposal. Silly Hedgehog. Bad ass shoes or not, what did he expect was gonna happen. Belmont is a Belmont, and Sonic is…well…just look at Sonic SpinBall and you pretty much have your justification. GO BELMONT!

  • Nice article. Love the breakdown between the two characters and the images used. Of course SimonBelmont was going to win, I mean a little blue hedgehog against Belmont lol. Keep up the great the work Ben and can’t wait to read next weeks 🙂

  • According to the Castlevania games I’ve played, the battle was over once Simon hit the water.


    Great writeup. Well done, and looking forward to the next one.