Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack – New DLC Content Dropping In June

Activision, today, dropped a brief press release to alert the media and gamers that another DLC release was coming for the wildly successful Modern Warfare 2 game.  The press release divulged very little in the way of details other than stating the DLC would hit Xbox Live on June 3rd and would contain 5 maps.  Curiously missing from the release was any mention of when the PS3 would see this DLC.  Also missing was the word new in conjunction with the 5 maps mentioned.  No price was mentioned either, though I’d be surprised if the cost of this pack did not match the price of the Stimulus Pack released earlier this year.

To mark the release of this new map pack, Infinity Ward will hold two Double XP weekends on Friday May 28th and Friday June 4th.

Stay tuned for more details as June 3rd draws near.

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  • Now if they would bundle the Stimulus pack and the Resurgence pack for something affordable I might even pick it up. (yes I am cheap when it comes to DLC)

  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    That’s not being cheap, the Stimulus pack is the most overpriced piece of DLC ever released!

    Oblivion’s horse armor is a great deal in comparison u.u …

  • I still find it laughable that they got away with $15 for the Stimulus pack. But they knew people would pay it and they got a nice, hefty profit from it. $10 would have been more in line. Free would have been better, as the name of the first pack does sort of make it sound like it would be offered free.

    I assume this new pack will be $15 as well and will probably contain a few new maps and some remakes as well. A bundle of the two for $20 would make great sense for those that did not pick up the first pack because of the price. I would be surprised if that happened, but if it does, it’ll be a while. I would expect to see a MW2 Game of the Year edition with both DLC packs in it before a DLC bundle happens.