Pearl Jam Rock Band Coming In September?

With the release of Green Day Rock Band just around the corner, the rumor mill has spun up once again, this time fueled by new rumors that Pearl Jam Rock Band will be seeing the light of day in September.

Rock Band Pearl Jam

Rock Band Pearl Jam (Not Real Boxart)

Our friends over at have been following the rumors, the latest of which points at a September 16th release date and support for up to six players.

The post that shows a listing for the game on a German website lists it as “(Game Only)” which might hint at a Special Edition that would include instruments. Personally, I almost hope this doesn’t happen because then I will be forced to spend the extra money on the Special Edition since I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan.

Pearl Jam Rock Band

Another Fake Boxart (Made By Yours Truly)

As of now, this is all rumor and speculation. We do know that Pearl Jam and Harmonix have a good relationship. There is plenty of Pearl Jam DLC in the Rock Band store. This DLC should work with the new game if Rock Band Green Day is any indication. Also, if you remember, Harmonix invited us to vote on what live Pearl Jam songs we would like to see in an upcoming Rock Band project.

Unless we see a few more leaks, expect to see this announced at E3. It’s a safe bet you might even see it in our weekly predictions.

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  • Sick! I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan too, so if this actually is true, I’ll have to betray my good friend Guitar Hero and go for it. Most likely day 1 purchase for me though.

    • skydog

      You should be owning Rock band by now (Guitar Hero DLC sucks), and own the TEN album available on Rock Band Already…. Geesh you must not be that big of a fan >.>

  • I do enjoy the Pearl Jam..

    And this is a good way to get my non-gamer brother to play, since its one of the few bands still cool enough for him to warrant playing.

  • skydog

    Go get a ps3, buy RB2, and get the full TEN album (their only good CD) on RB already.. WASTE OF $ AND TIME ROCK BAND! So I’m sure this will be live tracks/or fake.

    • Like it or not, Pearl Jam has a ton of awesome material that make them perfect for the Rock Band treatment. Ten is an incredible album, but if you have never heard them on one of their live bootleg albums, you are missing a truly incredible experience.