MW2’s Resurgence Package Detailed Updated With Screenshots

[UPDATE] So Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has just tweeted that the official screenshots for the Resurgence Package are now out. You can check them all out in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

I think i’m having Déjà vu here, the new DLC package for MW2 seems to be just like the Stimulus Package. During an interview with Major Nelson, Robert Bowling has given some more details for the new Resurgence Package. The DLC will contain 5 maps, 3 new & 2 old and will retail for 1200msp (you see what I mean by Déjà vu here) The 2 old maps are 3 and the new ones are as below;

New Maps:

  • Trailer Park
  • Carnival
  • Fuel

Old Maps:

  • Vacant
  • Strike

It seems like from the success of the Stimulus Package, Activision have yet again strived towards the money train. So will you be picking up this DLC package for MW2 or not, let us know?

(Check out the full Interview on

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  • UltraAceSniper

    i won’t be rushed to buy the new maps again. i will play RDR first and then i will decide to buy or not.

  • I still haven’t bought the old ones yet. I am too cheap and I am still hoping they will drop in price.

  • nope, i will not buy these map packs till they hit a better price.

  • Nope. Never have never will. Waste of money.

  • Jankee

    I won’t buy them for that price. They seem to have enough people that wil pay that much.

  • Ruari

    I am undecided at the moment

  • Cadeth

    I will more then likely get it the day it comes out. I love vacant and I’m intrigued by the new ones. Strike i don’t even remember soooo maybe that will just be another overgrown LOL 😀

  • Watch them make you have to have the Stimulus pack. In order to play one you need the other that would just suck. I wont be paying that much for a add on to a game. Now if it was stand alone I would but not for maps I have previously played

  • Nickba

    Considering it’s the most played game in collection, I will buy it.

  • mattomatic

    will probqbly buy it, but im lovin skate 3 atm so ill see if i still like mw2

  • Dezperado777

    Im buying im not going to act like i dont care like most of you are the moment i can load the mappack i will just like i did for MW and World at War that’s my game and will always love this game nuff said

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  • Ryan

    They will not drop. Go look at COD4 or WAW. The prices for the map packs and add ons are exactly the same.

  • Ryan

    … the where when they come out. Stop being pansies and buy the damn thing.