New York Comic Con Early Bird Special Almost Over

So have been thinking about heading to New York Comic Con this Year?  Maybe the October date means you have a lot of time yet to buy your tickets?  Well if you wait any longer you wont be able to take advantage of the savings for NYCC #5.  If you buy your tickets prior to May 15th (yes only 1 day away) you qualify for the early bird special:

Tickets sold through May 15th are all at a special Early Bird price: Weekend Passes are just $45, Friday passes are $25, Saturday passes are $30, and Sunday passes are $25. After May 15th, tickets will be sold at their standard online price: Weekend Pass – $50, Friday Pass – $30, Saturday Pass – $40, Sunday Pass – $30. Order your tickets online to avoid the lines on-site and save some dough, as prices will be more expensive at the Javits Center.

If you wait until after May 15th you are going to be paying a little more as seen above.  Also motels and hotels are filling up fast.  I attempted to book the same hotel I stayed at NYCC #4 and it is booked solid I think this is due to New York Anime Festival is also being held at the Javitz Center during the weekend of Comic Con, so you can get into two events wrapped into one for those early bird specials.  So start planning your trip now, and if you don’t get in on the savings I promise not to say I told you so.

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