The PSP 2 E3 Rumor (Again)

This concept is so fake, it's not even funny.

Wait…haven’t we been through this already? It seems that MCV has gotten wind of some “key publishers” significantly increasing their marketing spend for PSP for Q4 2010.  Seems kind of out of place for a handheld that isn’t selling like hotcakes.  Could this mean that we’re finally going to get the (hopefully) dual analog PSP we’ve been waiting for?  Are going to get some slick way to copy games from our UMD library on to the PSPgo, and a huge price drop for that device?  Is there going to be a PSP phone?

We’ll find out soon enough, as E3 is just weeks away.  Of course, with the way Sony was able to keep the PSPgo under wraps, we may find out what the deal is long before then…

Source: MCV, Kotaku

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  • If the PSP2 looked like that I would probably get it lol

  • Mr. Lucha

    Agreed. It looks pretty Bad-Ass.

  • Nickba

    I’ll end up getting it no matter what it looks like. I’m just geeky like that.