Truck Modz Review (iPod Touch)

Game Review: Truck Modz
Release: April 6, 2010
Genre: Simulation
Developer: LotusLandStudios
Available Platforms: Ipod Touch/iPhone
Players: 1
MSRP: $1.99
ESRB Rating: N/A

Truck Modz is very basic not to much involved to start playing. You tap click and swipe your way to making and driving the trucks that you have customized. With many different cabs and backs for the truck customization is almost limitless. Complete a truck then watch as it drives down the road all tricked out and newly painted. What more could the child in you or your own child ask for?

Dump trucks! Cement mixers! Rubber duckies on wheels! Truck Modz is the interactive truck-building game for kids of all ages! Build, paint and hit the highway with your very own trucks!

Considering the name of the game Truck Modz the game play revolves around making trucks with different parts. You pick a front of the truck a rear of the truck a paint color and watch as it drives down the highway. Weird combinations abound how about a snow plow with an egg on the flat bed. Maybe a firetruck front with a rubber duck is more your style. Whatever your style may be Truck Modz is sure to please with a quirky combo.

Great for kids that love big machinery or have a want to make their very own duck carrying truck. Graphics along with colors go well with the trucks and really pop against the scenery. Making your own trucks with any front and rear combination you like and then being able to paint it is almost any young boys dream. Another thing that makes the game great is the animations for the differnt vehicles. Working wipers, blasting air horns plows and street sweeper brushes that actually work with a tap of the finger.

One thing that could be improved on is the addition of different scenery for different trucks. Users should be able to pick a snow scene for trucks they add the plow onto it is never fun plowing the bare road. In my opinion price is a little high for a game with such limited modifications to play around with. Maybe with the addition of new truck parts, new scenery or something that makes the game more enetertaing would it be worth the price tag.

If you are a kid at heart or finally have grown up  had kids of your own the game might be a perfect fit. Like stated previously not worth the price tag but would be worth a dollar so wait until it is on sale or drops in price for good. Overall the $1.99 could be put towards a game or application with more bang for your buck so to say.

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