Fable III PC?

In the past few days an image has emerged which appears to show the box art for the much anticipated Fable III game due out later this year. Now if you pay close attention to the top right of the game box, you will notice a hallmark that is used on many Xbox 360 exclusive titles but on this particular image it reads ‘ONLY ON XBOX 360 & WINDOWS’, which is surprising when you consider that Fable II did not make an appearance on the PC platform.

Microsoft has responded to this by issuing an official statement:

“We’ve made no official announcements but please stay tuned.”

This sounds like neither denial nor a confirmation of Fable III arriving on the PC however it is an interesting thought especially for those PC gamers who haven’t experienced world that is Fable. I look forward to hearing news from E3 regarding this matter and hopefully an announcement that will put those minds to rest.


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