PlayStation Move To Get September Launch?

PlayStation Move moving you in September?

It’s only a few weeks until E3, and it’s now the yearly tradition of rumours circulating around the gaming world about what is going to be released this year and unveiled.

Well, I’ve got another one to add to your long list of rumours- PlayStation Move, the PS3’s new motion sensing controller, is due out from September. This information has originated from Jason Bradbury, who posted on his Twitter “.. another thing I was meaning to say. Sept for PlayStation Move!!! I’m sure of it. Can’t say why. Just.. September 2010“.

There is every reason to believe that this is true, as it has been confirmed recently that Microsoft’s Project Natal will launch in October, just in time for this years holiday season. You would have to favour that both Sony and Microsoft will want to get their motion sensing peripherals out first, so we might see some changes…or we could be years out.

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  • DDSmitty

    I’m really interested in getting the Move, but I have to see the software that’s backing the thing up. I already have the camera, and the only thing I used that for was playing EoJ…and I only played that maybe 5 times. The last thing I want is another unused peripheral.