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Ok Humans and Sangheili respectively- You might have read my ramblings on the Beta recently A fans perspective and you might have noticed they are just that; fan ramblings. Well I came to bring you my personal perspective, and I did. Now, because I love to share absolute sweetness with you as often as I can manage– I will now direct you to a comprehensive and absolutely hilarious Vidoc done by the guys at machinima, who btw are one of the Halo universes greatest purveyors of cool( right along side Waypoint and Rooster Teeth).

In this video three gents give you a rundown on most every thing I mentioned in my most recent Beta article, but they go into more detail on the game types and maps(the video helps), they also share some interesting statistics… Yet this by far is not the best part, the best part is these three gents will have you cracking up the whole way, and I have to say the ending really put a smile on my face!
So thanks to Machinima(Inside Gaming) and Waypoint.

Sorry I can’t post the video here, I searched the net and could not find it- this is due to it being a Waypoint exclusive I assume. So now I direct you fine gamers to your 360’s, then to Waypoint, and then the first video on the intel screen (or Inside Gaming Reach Edition 4).

While your there you can check out all the info Waypoint has been sharing since the Beta’s launch. The coverage is extensive, and thank you Waypoint for your great coverage– Now can I please have the remaining episodes of “The Return”!!!!!



Halo Waypoint

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