All Six Alan Wake “Bright Falls” Shorts Now Online

All six of the previously mentioned “Bright Falls” short films are now totally available online. For those of you not in the know or too busy to click that link, “Bright Falls” is a six-part episodic prequel shot to promote the release of Remedy Entertainment‘s Alan Wake. While this total package release of the live-action films is a bit ahead of schedule, that doesn’t stop these six videos from being more than slightly disturbing.

I’m normally not one for being susceptible to horror films, but the first three episodes of this series actually had me kind of freaked out. It might have been because I watched them at around five in the morning in an empty house with no lights on, but I was shaken regardless. It makes me think I might not even have the gall to play Alan Wake itself.

To watch all six of these puppies, I recommend going to YouTube and watching them via the machinima channel. Actually, YouTube has an entire show page dedicated to the series, but that also includes the What The Bright Falls videos which feature the machinima crew breaking down each episode for some bro-tastic discussion. Those are worth watching, too, but be sure to watch the actual “Bright Falls” videos first to get the total experience.

If the giant red captions they stuck on the videos really bother you, you can also go to the official website for the short film, but that requires a Silverlight install (big surprise). Otherwise, I’m also fairly sure you can still watch them on Xbox Live.

Also, is it just me, or is there a lot of Twin Peaks-ish stuff going on lately? Maybe it’s just because I’ve been watching a lot of the Giant Bomb Endurance Run videos for Deadly Premonition but still, I feel like there’s been a lot of it.

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