New Pokemon Black And White Battle Footage

Let’s face guys, Pokemon has done very little to advance itself.  Sure they update the roster of Pokemon every now and again and add a slight twist on battles, but these features trickle very slowly.  No matter how you slice it, though, the series still has a strong fanbase, but with there not being much added to each installment, will the fanbase remain.  Perhaps so.  Check out this battle footage I found from

Yes folks, it’s official.  Pokemon is stepping up.  As the video shows, our beloved Pokemon now have motion.  Simple animations yes, but a sweet deal nonetheless.  Battle animations still look the same, with the usual Razor Leaf and Flamethrower animations seen in previous installments, but perhaps developers Gamefreak are looking in the right direction.  Now if they would take the battle into 3D, yea?

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