Announcement: Red Dead Weekend

Red Dead Redemption could well be the greatest open world game ever made. Having already been praised by critics everywhere, it’s set to take centre stage and give us a show like no other. I’ve been well looking forward to this title for years now and I welcome every morsel that Rockstar throws us. Grand Theft Auto IV didn’t bode well with me, the Lost and Damned didn’t tie up the loose ends of my soul; but Ballad scored a home run with my heart. I trust Rockstar to do the same the Western. Red Dead Redemption launches this week on Xbox 360 and PS3, Tuesday for North America and Friday for Europe/Australia. To put it quite simple; we’re all pretty damn hyped. So, as to celebrate the launch of Red Dead, we’re gonna put on a little show a the weekend for y’all happy readers. Why? Because we  love you.

Saturday –

Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Red Dead Revolver

Having played this for a little at the weekend, I am already knee deep in the ‘spiritual predecessor’  to Redemption. I’ll be playing this all week at my friends (my 360 got RROD, R.I.P), and I’ll have my judgment by Saturday to kick off the Red Dead Weekend.

Sunday –

Red Dead Redemption Review

Written again by yours truly, I’ll go toe to toe with the Western that the great gods from R* will deliver. I have no idea what to expect, but I hope big. It’s the reason for the whole damn weekend.

Red Dead Weekend: P*N Game Night

Yes, we will be playing Red Dead Redemption all Sunday night. I’ll hop in and out and have a reminder of the details at the end of my review. If you want to rustle up some cattle with us, partner, then pick your platform and come game with us folk.

So if you want to join us on the night send a message to Boss Kamikaze on Xbox Live or send a message to WindNinjaDW on PS3 both will send you an invite on the night!

Sunday, 23rd @ 5pm – 7pm EST (East Coast US) & 10pm – 12pm GMT (UK & Ireland)

Oh and maybe something else… a special surprise maybe?

Keep an eye out for more Red Dead Deliciousness across the week and on Red Dead Weekend here on Platform Nation!

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