Character Of The Week – Cool Spot

Welcome to Platform Nation’s newest written feature a tribute piece to our “Character Of The Week.” (referenced as COTW for the rest of the article) Each week a new character will be picked with the help of readers (through comments) so who’s next? This won’t be your normal characters that everyone always writes about that have become mainstays in the gaming world. No Mario, Sonic or Master Chief articles here sorry boys and girls I want some original ideas. So what will you see as far as your characters of the week go? Characters you may not recognize or ones that were not vaulted to celebrity status through major games. Get ready to adventure into the land of a new character each week as we explore the depths of the dusty old games bin. (You know the 5 dollar rummage sale/flea market ones)

Introducing for the first COTW:

Cool Spot


Cool Spot (Little red dot on the side of the bottle) 7up’s mascot that went from soda fame to household games. 7up took the video game road trying to ride on the coattails of what one blue hedgehog had already started. What better way to introduce a product then to take your recognizable trademark throw on some sunglasses a mouth some hands and feet. 11 levels of heart pounding edge of your seat thrill ride add in some great music  produced by Tommy Tallarico ( Yea That Guy) welcome to the world of Spot. So really what is Spot all about? The game is a 1-player platformer in which the player controls Cool Spot, who can jump, and attack by firing soda bubbles, which could be shot in all directions and while jumping. Your objective was to rescue a certain number of other Spots trapped and caged somewhere in the level. Cool Spot was one of the games that always made you want to rage quit no saves with limited check points left you playing a level multiple times.

Thank you for reading the very first installment of “Character Of The Week.” Who will be next? Only your votes can decide so please leave comments. What character can we resurrect through article bring them back to the light of day? Earth Worm Jim, Qbert, Tomba the choice is yours!!

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  • Jeff Schenning

    Oh man, Cool Spot. He has to be the embodiment of everything shameless in the 80’s. I’m not sure how I’d feel about his games if I played them today, but I remember loving them as a kid. Great choice for the first COTW!