Platform Nation – Game Of The Month April 2010

Platform Nation – April 2010, Game of the Month

Stop for just a second. I know you are all eager to gets your hands on candidates for the May game of the Month and potentially games of the year in Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake, but lets take a minute or two to reflect on the month of April. Which game has won the coveted P*N Game of the Month award?

We like to keep our rules simple and the monthly award is no exception. Basically all platforms are considered and all games have a chance of winning as long as they ar released during the month in question. Every Platform Nation writer then gets a single vote and the winner is the game with the most votes, simple.

Just before the award ceremony, allow me to remind you of the winners so far in 2010.

January – Mass Effect 2

February – Bioshock 2

March – God Of War 3

Starting with the game in 3rd place… hold on we have a three way tie for third. Super Street Fighter 4, Fifa World Cup 2010 and Borderland addons.  Each of these games pulled in 10% of the collective votes. Super Street Fighter 4 added more characters, stages and improved the balance of the already successful SF4.  Fifa World Cup 2010 builds on the excellent Fifa10 engine and allows gamers to create the World Cup for themselves, and Borderland addons brings the previously released DLC packs into a single retail package.

Moving on to check who is sitting in second place on the podium we find, Monster Hunter 3.  I think this is the highest entry this year for a Wii title and it’s a very deserving second place with 15% of the votes.  This game was very successful in Japan and although it hasn’t recreated that success to the same level in Europe and America, fans of the series will enjoy this latest release.

But, walking away with the main prize this month is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction with  over 45% of the votes. It was delayed many times but when it eventually arrived this month, the game delivered both an engrossing single player and also a very good co-op mode as well.  Jump over to read the P*N review of the game at this link. (Review)

So, yet again the winning game is a sequel. Can the trend be broken in May?

As always, the staff would like to read your thoughts on our choice by leaving a comment below, or better still, get in contact with the podcast team on Lock n Load. E-mail us at  [email protected], or you can call us at 484-99-GAMER

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  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    It would be just fair if World Cup 2010 wins… It uses the outstanding gameplay from FIFA 10 with the characteristic World Cup paraphernalia. It’s got a lot of cool options (like captain your team, and game face) and 199 national teams!

    It’s a great game for us football enthusiasts.