Sonic 4 Announcements Coming Thursday

SEGA, on a wave of leaks showing off gameplay and levels from the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog 4, has made a somewhat surprising announcement regarding the title. This Thursday, both Sonic Retro and Sonic Stadium will reveal a joint exclusive feature on the game. Outside of a strong start with revealing badniks and other info regarding the game, SEGA went quiet. They’ve told Sonic Retro that

the reason for the last couple month’s blackouts on Sonic 4 updates will also begin to make sense.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 is SEGA’s long awaited true sequel to the Sonic 3 And Knuckles combo title. Much like the DS and GBA titles, it’s a return to side-scrolling Sonic gameplay, but with 3D graphics, akin to Viewtiful Joe. The title is confirmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii’s downloadable game services, and heavily rumored for an iPhone OS port.

As a major fan of the original games and Sonic as a whole (I do have every issue of the comic book), I’m holding out hope for these games. The Adventure series was entertaining at best, but never reached the majesty of the originals, and the portable incarnations have been lacking. I don’t even need to mention the current-gen titles, do I? SEGA must know they have a lot riding on this title, at least in fan’s eyes.

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  • Anonymous

    ALRIGHT! More screenshots of splash hill! I can’t wait.

  • Michael

    Hey, while Adventure titles were entertaining at best, and the GBA titles were lacking, and most of the current gen Sonic games sucked…

    Sonic Unleashed (for 360 and Wii) just totally owned.
    3D Sonic went out with a bang, and that’s an understatement. (just ignore the lame werehog levels, and you’ll be ultra blown away)

  • Jmack

    Hopefully this is a shocker…and I mean a SHOCKER!!! Not no baloney sauce lol

  • nb

    they need to have it were you can go super in game and not just the last level

  • Jmack

    @ Nb


    they brought that back…there’s a leaked vid of it