Team Play Or Bust

In online gaming there seems to be really two types of people.   Lone Gunslingers, and Team Players.  When I play games, I don’t want all the glory.  I greatly enjoy being part of a team and doing things that would normally not get recognition.  In Warhawk, they don’t give you points for sniping out air mines to protect your hawks.   Some players grew up on Death matches and I can see the appeal of being the best of the best, but in modern gaming, the only Lone Gunslingers you should really be able to find are in Fighters.  Just about every Online Game promotes team play.  Sure there are death match options in games like Halo, but they didn’t make Red vs. Blue with that in mind.  More current games, like Bad Company 2, do not even have a true 1v1 death match.  They give you squad death match.  It is nice to see gaming companies promote team or co-op play in such a way that is starting to reward players.  MMORPGs are one of the best supporters of team play.  They offer classes who are, not only made for team play, but would be useless without it.

Look at how much fun they are having.

So the next time you find yourself with the option to be a hero, or be a teammate.  I present the following query:  Can a hero really be a hero is there is no one, other than himself, to call him so?

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  • Mrs. Lucha

    Co-Op for the win! 🙂