E3 2010 Most Wanted. Your Shout…

This is your chance to make your voice heard.

You’ll have read the first two articles (week one, week two) from the Platform Nation staff, predicting what they expect to hear at E3 but here at Platform Nation we want to know what our community wants to see most of all at E3.

Is it a brand new game being announced for the first time, new footage of an already announced game or more DLC for your favorite game that you’re playing at the minute?  How about new hardware like the PSP2 or Xbox360 slim?  Or even just new features for the current generation of consoles?

So go for it, reply with your most wanted list, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Just for fun we’ll add up which game got the most votes, which hardware everyone wants to see and the thing that gets most votes that isn’t either a new game or hardware.  The results will be published a day or two before E3 starts, with a followup after the dust settles and we can reflect on whether E3 delivered of if we were all left wanting more.

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  • It saddens me that no one else has replied. Anyways here is mine, Xbox 360 slim & a new name for Project Natal.

  • Nickba

    Windows Mobile 7 Xbox Live Feature, psp2, 3DS, Onlive, Booth Babes

  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    i forgot to add my personal ones.

    Mafia 2. I want to see more of this.
    PSP2, i still love my PSP but it never acheived its potential (have i mentioned it’s the launch day Jap PSP1000?)

  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    I’m really expecting an update to the Wii console… a Wii 2 HD, maybe?

    Also, this might be wishful thinking, but I reaaally want MS to announce Xbox Live is becoming free.

    I’m eager to watch how the Nintendo 3DS performs, oh and a backwards compatible PSP2…

  • Windows Mobile 7 Xbox Live Feature, psp2, 3DS, Onlive, Booth Babes

  • mataman906

    Mataman’s E3 Predictions

    Sony: This is the first time in a while that i’m sort of excited to see what sony has in their magic bag. As far as predictions go here’s what i’m thinking.
    1. Move Games | i’m getting ready for my mind to be blown away by insane HD wii games
    2. Kingdom Hearts 3 | nobody has been talking about it for a while which means it’s gonna be a trailer at E3
    3. Jak And Daxter | A real shot out of the dark but i got a feeling about this
    4. Spyro | I’m pretty sure everyone’s favorite purple dragon hasn’t been on the ps3 so now is a better time than any
    5. Ape Escape | Ever since i heard it was being made i’ve been gitty like a school girl
    6. PSP2 | Raven if your right with the 4 core and touch screen than this is gonna be the greatest E3 Sony ever had

    Nintendo: Not much going on for Nintendo except the 3ds, but that means some crazy predictions are gonna be in this list
    1. Metroid | with only the early trailer form lats year’s E3 it’s time for a new one
    2. Kid Icarus | Something we’ve been all waiting a long time for finger’s crossed
    3. Untitled Luigi Game | Mario has the galaxy twice now and luigi gets stuck in a mansion, it’s time to shake things up and give the brother another go
    4. Donkey Kong | yet another classic nintendo character put to the side
    5. 3ds | with all this talk it’s time for some action. I want to see it along with some gameplay
    6. SNES RERELEASE | The greatest console should get a second wind and prove that greatness can fulfilled in one cartridge (also it doesn’t need weekly patches)

    Microsoft: Probably the easiest part in this prediction game since it will be mostly Natal, Reach, and Green Day Rock Band. But that won’t stop me.
    1. Natal | Even if you know it’s coming you know Microsoft is gonna throw some big gameplay in it
    2. Dead Rising 2 | What’s more than likely gonna be the surprise hit at E3
    3. Crackdown 2 | Again another trailer we saw at last year’s E3 so of course it’s time to show it off
    4. Portal 2 | Game Informer did a piece about this a bit ago so it’s probably going to be shown at Microsoft’s press conference
    5. Medal Of Honor | Microsoft probably want’s a call of duty esque game to show even though it’s gonna show Gears 3
    6. Something mobile | Throwing shots out of the dark is fun.

    Alright there you go those are my E3 Predictions

  • mataman906