Facebook Embraces FPS

You open your browser somehow you always find yourself navigating away from the real world and entering the world of Facebook. Drawn deeper into the den 85% of us get trapped by one of the many games with no point. If you use Facebook you unfortunately know what I am talking about. Games like Mafia wars, Cafe World, Farm-ville (Which I hear is a gate way to the inter-webs) always suck you in. Raise your hand if you have used one of these games or installed it to see what it was like ( Don’t worry I have too). We are gamers though with PS3’s 360’s and thousands of dollars invested in games sometimes so why are we wasting our time on fertilizing virtual farms. What if a game came out that actually was worth your time or at least worth a play that made you proud to be a gamer?

Say hello to Brave Arms

Brought to us by 3G studios Brave arms will revolutionize the Gaming side of Facebook can we say Facebook FPS with a social twist. So what can we expect from the game? How about fully customizable characters, crazy FPS action and all around fun. Maybe customizing your weapon is more your style. Brave Arms will be a social shooter that allows you to do all that and more. Get ready as more info is soon to hit the web and if you are itching to play sign up for the beta.

Check out the Facebook page: Brave Arms

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  • zenaxe

    Speak for yourself… I have no problem avoiding games on facebook. Probably because they s*ck donkey dong.