“Indie Game: The Movie” in the Works

Indie Game: The Movie – Growing Up Edmund from IndieGame: The Movie on Vimeo.

BlinkWorks Media has just released a preview (see the video above) of a new documentary they are filming all about independent gamemakers and their craft.  In their own words,

…we found the individual stories and entire culture of independent developers exceptionally fascinating and compelling. From the perspective of storytelling, game play and development process, it seems that some of the most interesting things going on in video games are happening in the indie space.

One such individual story featured in the trailer is that of Edmund McMillen, creator of lauded games such as Aether and Super Meatboy.  There’s a human interest element present in the footage (reminiscent of The King of Kong) that isn’t often seen in gaming journalism, so it’ll be interesting to see the finished product.

Oh yes, and the team is also accepting donations to help pay for their upcoming trip in the fall when they will be interviewing more developers.  Helping the cause won’t go unrewarded, as (depending on the amount you give) you’ll receive such bonuses as a “Special Thanks” listing in the film’s credits, a DVD of the finished product, and a T-shirt.

Source: Kotaku

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